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NYS 3-8 English Language Arts and Mathematics Assessment dates

testing sheet
testing sheet

On Tuesday, Mar. 28, Wednesday, Mar. 29, and Thursday, Mar. 30, Hilton CSD will administer the NYS ELA Assessment to all students in grades 3-8. 

On Tuesday, May 2, Wednesday, May 3, and Thursday, May 4, the district will administer the NYS Mathematics Assessment to all students in grades 3-8. 

It is important to encourage your child to concentrate on during the assessment; however, it is just as important to assure him/her that promotion to the next grade level does not depend on the result of this assessment. The NYS ELA and Mathematics Assessments are tools that help us assess how well students are achieving compared to other students of their age and grade level. In addition, it also assists us in identifying who may be in need of support services.

Please make every effort to ensure that your child is on time and in school during the NYS Assessments. Families can support their children by:

  • Ensuring the student is well rested on the night prior to the assessments.
  • Ensuring the student has access to a healthy breakfast either at home or at school on the days of the assessment.
  • Ensuring the student’s everyday routines are normal and predictable at home. The best thing that you can say or do is simply to remind your child to do his/her best.

Thank you for your support. Results from the assessments will be mailed to families next fall.


Summary of the changes State Education Dept. made to the tests last year that will be continued this year.

  1. Fewer Test Questions - The number of test questions on the 2017 tests will be the same as the 2016 tests. Each of the 2016 Grades 3-8 ELA Tests had one less reading passage and fewer questions than tests from previous years. The 2016 Math Tests also had fewer questions.
  2. Greater Teacher Involvement - Hundreds of New York State educators were involved in creating and reviewing the 2017 assessments. Beginning in fall 2015 and going forward, a greater number of New York State teachers has been - and will continue to be - involved in the review of all test questions and construction of test forms. Teachers from across the State gathered in Albany throughout the summer and fall of 2016 to evaluate and select questions for the 2017 tests. For the first time ever, New York State teachers will write the test questions for the Grades 3-8 ELA and Math Tests. These questions will first be used on the 2018 tests.
  3. Faster Results for Teachers - Like last year, the State Education Department plans to have instructional reports returned to teachers by the end of the school year and release at least 75 percent of the test questions.
  4. Untimed Testing - The 2017 Grades 3-8 ELA and Math Tests will be un-timed so students who need more time to demonstrate what they know and can do will be able to work at their own pace. The 2016 tests were also un-timed. In general, this means that as long as students are working productively, they will have as much time as they need to complete their test, within the confines of the regular school day.
  5. Improved Resources for Parents - Also like last year, the 2017 Score Reports for parents will feature the updated clearer design and more information about what students should know and be able to do at each grade level. These will be ready over the summer.


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